Border Collie Questions

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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/9/2005
How do i choose the right stud for to breed my bc with?

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3/25/05 Where are you located? Sussie
Whispering Pines K-9's
4/7/05 When I look for the right studs when I plan to breed, the first thing I look at is how well the studs you are looking at compare to your bitch. Are they built the same? Do they move the same? Are they about the same size? Next I check temperament and drives on the studs. Do they have the temperament you want? (Happy and outgoing v. reserved and shy) Do they have high working drives or do they not have any drives? Also think about what you want from the litter. Do you want working dogs, show dogs, or pets? Also, you really should make sure both your bitch and the stud you choose have had their eyes checked by a CERF Vet. PRA is extreamly common in BCs. If you have any more questions, please ask! April
SnoFire Kennels
6/21/05 In chosing the correct stud for YOUR bitch you first need to decide what you are hoping to produce? Are you improving the breed? Are you improving a shortcoming on your bitch? Are you wanting to create a Border Collie for your own uses? As stated in another reply all health certificates must be completed before mating including the newest check point of DNA for CEA/CL with Border Collies. Always try to improve my using the highest quality studs. Carla Blackwatch
Blackwatch Border Collies of CA
8/22/05 you must make sure your dog has a great temperment, and you really want to stay away from line breeding. take your time in choosing the right stud. Make sure you can speak to there vets. thanks nicole