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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/30/2006
Will pups with two merle parents be OK as far as health goes?

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9/12/06 There will be 25% chanc of them being double merle aks lethal merle. There are health issues associated with this. Research merle and you will find quite a bit on this Shannon
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3/28/11 Two merle dogs should NEVER be bred together. There is a lethal factor involved, especially if they are white factored to start with. Not only will the pups produced often have excess white, as well as dudley and mottled noses, and defects such as deafness and blindness, but there is also a lethal factor produced. By percentage, if the litter is affected, 25% will die, 25% will be deaf and/or blind, 25% will carry the lethal white gene and 25% should be okay. It's always a gamble to breed two merles together and only the most experienced breeders with genetic knowledge should ever attempt such a breeding. It is worse than inbreeding and should never be done by anyone who is unfamiliar with genetics. Merle to merle breedings do not produce better merles, they produce weaker ones and should be avoided at all costs when purchasing a puppy. Debby
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