Border Collie Questions

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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/1/2006
We have a 6 month old male b/c and we were wondering if we should get another b/c for him to have a playmate. Do b/c's do better in a single dog home or a multiple dog home? He likes playing with other dogs, but he is so spoiled that I am concerned he would get really jealous of a new addition. If so, what's the best combination: two males or one male and one female.

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3/13/06 Border collies do best in homes where they are challenged and have a job. Another BC can be a great companion or they can be a sidekick for destruction. There is no reason why a border collie would need to be in a simgle dog home UNLESS there are temerament issues with the dog. Shannon
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