Border Collie Questions

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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/27/2005
We have a 1 year-old Border Collie and we absolutely love him. Since these dogs are such high energy and you cannot always devote all of your attention to them, we were hoping to learn of some strategies for the indoors so that my wife and I can still have a life and enjoy our dog. (ie jobs / games for him to do)

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1/20/06 Play hide and go seek. Hide a favorite toy and see if he finds it. Make it easy at first, then harder and harder. For while your away: Get one of those puzzle treat balls at the pet shop. Leave the TV on to a station like Animal Planet. Take him for a REALLY long run or teach him how to fetch then wear him out before you leave. Alot of times poor eatting habits cause nervousness in dogs. They are lacking something and so are nervouse as they are hungry. I use InnovaEVO and Nupro dog supplement. Sussie
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6/9/06 playing ball on a set stairs works for indoor activities. Once they get the hang of it they keep them self pretty pre occupied. They will learn to drop it at the top go down and over and do this over and over again. Hope this helps a little nicole