Border Collie Questions

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Border Collie

Border Collie Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/1/2005
How much do Border Collie's cost from a great breeder?

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10/5/05 It all depends on the breeder and what 'type' you are looking for. The Australian 'type' (what you normally see in the show ring) normally goes for between $500 to $1000 for a pet while the English 'type' (most common) goes for between $300 to $600. No matter what, make sure the breeder you choose has done OFA, CERF, and DNA CEA testing! Otherwise you will be paying quite a bit more in Vet bill down the road! April
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1/20/06 My registered Border Collies go for $100. Thats average price for Border Collies around here. Sussie
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1/22/06 It depends on what you expect from your dog and breeder. Breeeders pay stud fees, pay all health costs involved in the mating, prep and handling of the litter for at least 8 weeks. Some breeders do x-rays to know how many to expect to help for see any problems, some fly their gal to the stud dog, some do all vaccines possible and take it to the vet proir to leaving. All of these things are taken into account in the price of a puppy. This also includes how successful the parents and the lines are in the different venues it competes in (be it show, herding, or another performance sport). Most BC breeders I know of have their pups at 500- 1000 dollars. They also though have the health clearances such as hips, eyes (both CERF and DNA), brucellosis, BAER, and maybe even thyroid, patella and elbow. I would look for these things first when deciding on a puppy- health clearances, temperament, and structure. This is formost regardless of what type you are looking for (sho or the mor Shannon
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1/18/09 Cost is one of the last things you should worry about. You should be looking at quality and when you find it you should not hesitate to pay the price. Any breeder selling puppies cheap means that they did not put too much $$ into the puppies. Generally between $800 to $1500 is a good price depending on the lines, breeding, if they used a stud, health testing etc. You ushually get what you pay for. I spent $400 just flying my girl each way to the stud dog and she only had 5 pups so you can see why they would be more pricey then some. There pedigree also has a HUGE effect on price and the way they are raised! You will have the dog for 12 plus years, don't compromise! Laura K.
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