Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/10/2005
what should 40 day old boxer puppy be fed and how often

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3/15/05 Pups of this age should already be started on the weaning process. You do not say whether or not you are having to hand rear the pup, but assuming that the mother is still taking care of the pup, then you should be ensuring that she is provided with good quality food that will help her to keep providing nourishment for her pups. it is difficult to give exact amounts of how much a pup should be eating as this will vary from pup to pup. You may wish to "feed to appetite" but if the pups bowel movements are loose, its worth noting that the pup is probably being fed too much. A porridgy mash should be made from a good quality dog food, and allowed to cool back some before giving to the pups. The pup should be fed little and often, perhaps 4-6 times per day, depending on appetite. Lorraine
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