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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/11/2009
My boy is 17 month old and has an small empty testicle sack. I have located the testicles in his abdomen but wondering if they are still expected to drop?? I would guess not and I would suppose the sperm will be significantly reduced due to temperature.. He had bred my bitch, so I am wondering if I should expect a litter?/ ANy thoughts??

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9/13/09 Hi, it is possible for a cryptochid or a monorchid to produce a litter of puppies. It isn't recommended, due to the fact that all or most of the male puppies normally have the same defect and will produce it as well. Cryptorchid or monorchid dogs tend to also have more prominent testicular diseases, and should be neutered to prevent cancer and other problems. Hope that helps, good luck... Katrina
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