Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/11/2009
My boy is 17 month old and has an small empty sack. I have located the testicles in his abdomen but wondering if they are still expected to drop?? I would guess not and I would suppose the sperm will be significantly reduced due to temperature.. He had gotten hold of my bitch, so I am wondering if I should expect a litter?/ ANy thoughts??

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6/28/09 Hello You can not breed him.You need to talk to your vet about neutering him.Could cause health problems.Assuming he is reg.If by chance he does produce pups with your girl you can not (under AKC regulations) reg. the pups.Also at 17 months he should not have been allowed near your girl when she was in season.To young for breeding.Dogs need to be pups and grow and mature atleast two years some older before breeding. Pamela
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