Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/15/2005
My wife and I have two young daughters. They are 4 and 2 years of age. We are looking into a Boxer pup as an indoor family pet to grow old with us. We do have a nice back yard which is fenced in for any outdoor activity. Do you have an suggestions, advise, or things to look out for in regards to bringing in another member to our family? We feels this is the right breed for us. THANK YOU!

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2/16/05 The most important thing is to find a breeder who health tests their Boxers. More information on the recommended health tests can be found here: I'd also advise you to start your search for a good obedience trainer now. You'll want to enter the puppy in classes shortly after bringing it home. Boxers can be a handful it not trained and puppies are much easier to train than adults! Good luck! :) Alisha
Shaeward Boxers
3/7/05 You also want to look for a well socialized pup, one that has been introduced to potty training and that lives in the house with the breeder's family. A champion sired pup is usually more likely to be healthy and have a good temperment. I do have a couple of pups available in my current litter, but if I don't have what you're looking for, I can certainly help you find someone who does. Please email me with your location I'd be happy to help. Sherry
She-She's Kennels
3/9/05 I agree Ch titles are something to look for but don't agree they're an indication of health. Not all show breeders screen the health of their Boxers...when looking for a puppy, make sure to deal with a breeder who does. :) Alisha
Shaeward Boxers