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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/31/2005
I have a 11 week old baby girl who won't stop chewing on parts of the carpet. We have given her chew bones, but when she is done with it she starts on the carpet. Our older boxer doesn't do it, how can I stop her from eating carpet and wood.

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3/15/05 This may seem silly, but it worked with a Boxer we had many years ago. We gave him his very own cardboard box, and put his toys in it. I've no idea why, but he stopped chewing everything, and he never once chewed his cardboard box....we'd very often find him asleep inside it LOL! Make sure that your Boxer girl has lots of stimulation, its a distinct possibility that she has started teething. Toys with knobbly bits on, and water filled teething rings that you can pop in the freezer are a good idea, and helps to soothe delicate gums. Lorraine
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