Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/22/2008
Hi I am purchasing a boxer puppy on Monday and would like to know what u think about a commercial dog food to help him sustain optimal health and nutrition as I know nutrition is substantial in helping to prevent certain health problems. Thanks

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6/18/08 A good site to visit is - there is quite a bit of information on various foods, ingredients, etc. In general, the fewer grains and the more meats, the better; there are a growing number of grain-free kibbles on the market, but some of these are quite high in protein which some feel is inappropriate for a puppy. Some companies like Wellness, Solid Gold, and Timberwolf Organics do make lower-protein grain-free formulas (around 30-34%). There are also commercial raw food products, such as Bravo!, Oma's Pride, Aunt Jeni's, A Place for Paws, and many others. Or, there are some dehydrated foods such as The Honest Kitchen. There are generally lower in protein and fat, and so are appropriate for all life stages. Jennifer
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7/1/08 I feed my boxers royal canin! Maxi puppy formular then I switch to royal canin boxer formular @ 15 months. I found it works really well. Boxer
7/2/08 I feed my boxer babies Royal Canin maxi baby dog food until they are 5 months of age, then I switch them to Royal Canin Maxi large breed puppy until the are 15 months, then I switch to the Royal Canin Maxi for Boxers, but I also occassionally feed them Royal Canin Large breed adult as a treat couple times a week just to give them something different once they are 2 years of age. Royal Canin really gives them the optimum level of nutrition and my boxers coats are very shiny and soft. There teeth are white and they have a beautiful overall appearance. Deana
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8/5/08 The best food in my opinion that breed specific is Eukanuba Boxer formula, and for puppies Eukanuba Medium Breed formula. I have photos of this on my website. Robert
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