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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/26/2008
At what age does a female boxer get her first heat? My dog is 15 months old and hasn't yet. I want to breed her, but I am worried something is wrong.

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2/26/08 It is nothing to be alarmed about yet...Some females take longer than others to go into heat. Bullyful
Bullyful Boxers
3/13/08 Yes, some Boxers don't have their first heat until nearly two years old. She's too young to breed now - and you really don't want to breed her on her first heat regardless, because you want to be sure she's having normal seasons - so you've got plenty of time to research breeding issues (and I encourage you to start now; there's always more to learn than you have time for!). Some of the testing can be affected by a season, so you want to wait about 3-4 months after she's completely out of season before running those tests. (She's too young to have any meaningful health tests done now; 24 months is the minimum age for most of them.) Jennifer
~Newcastle Boxers, Reg'd~
7/14/08 My reverse brindle was 14 months before her first heat. I was concerned untill I talked to a good vet. He said that boxers usually do not come into heat at an early age. No large dog should be bred untill 2years of age. It hurts the hip and back bones because of the weight of the puppies. Also they are more mature and do better with their babies. Nellie
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