Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/28/2007
is a boxer, that is 8 year old, never had puppiies, can have puppies?

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1/2/08 Akc allows registering a litter from a female up to 12 years in age. Use your judgement, would your female be capable of taking caring for a litter? Meaning do you think she has the energy. Be prepaired to care for them yourself if things don't go well. Also calling your vet and get his/her advise is always helpful. Boxer
1/15/08 Eight years old is soundly in the range of "senior" for Boxers; the average lifespan for Boxers in the US is only 9 years. While no doubt some elderly bitches will be OK with a litter at this age, it would be considered an extremely high-risk pregnancy, and a reproductive specialist should be consulted to be sure her uterus is not too damaged to carry a litter. (The uterus is damaged somewhat with every season a dog has; the older a bitch, the better the chances of lesions, tears, cysts, etc. in the uterus which can lead to severe complications.) Jennifer
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4/4/08 I would say no. Cyndi
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7/14/08 I have not been breeding as long as some of the breeders have. I would say no. most good sound breeders retire their females at the age of 4 years and some at the oldest 5yrs. I didn't know about the uterus being damaged, I do know that dogs at 5 years slow down a lot and for the most part just want to lay around. If your dog is used to having exercise all the time they stay healther and are still active at 10 yrs. I had a dobie that lived to be over 12 yrs. I kept her active by running with her and playing with her. Nellie
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