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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/22/2007
why are their tails and ears docked? Are there breeders that do not do this?

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9/28/07 This is a great question.long time ago boxers were used as working dogs and they injured their tails very easily. Back then if the dog hurt their tail they were basically useless and sometimes even put down. They started tail docking to prevent injuries and for hygiene reasons, it has just carried through the years.Docking is carried out when puppies are 2-5 days of age. Their eyes are not yet open and long experience indicates that, carried out correctly, the procedure causes little to no pain or discomfort since the neonate puppy does not have a fully developed nervous system. Many undocked adult animals undergo the tail docking procedure out of necessity when their tail has been traumatised.This is a more traumatic procedure becomes its performed under anesthesia with a fully developed nervous system this is indeed painful to your dog. "PAINLESS PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A PAINFUL CURE". I leave all my boxers ears natural,because docking ears is not painless prevention. George
10/5/07 Ears were cropped for much the same reasons tails were docked - in bull- and bear-baiting, boar, bear, and deer hunting, and the occasional recreational dog fighting, ears and tails were extremely prone to injury, from charging through trees and brush, or from the teeth, claws, or hooves of their opponents and prey. These days both are largely cosmetic - there is a risk of tail injuries on undocked Boxers, but in countries where docking has been banned there has not been a dramatic increase. Service dogs fare much better if docked and cropped - ears and tails are the largest areas of injury for service dogs. If done correctly, by a skilled vet, there is minimal pain with either procedure, and nothing lasting. Docked puppies are nursing normally almost as soon as they are returned to their dam, cropped puppies are up and playing as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Most breeders dock tails - it is required by the breed standard, and at 2-4 days there is no way to know which p Jennifer
~Newcastle Boxers, Reg'd~
10/5/07 Most breeders dock tails - it is required by the breed standard, and at 2-4 days there is no way to know which puppies will be show prospects (or potential service dogs), so all are docked. Ear cropping is generally left up to the buyer; some breeders still insist on cropping all show puppies, and some refuse to allow any pups to be cropped, but generally speaking it is considered the owner's right to decide. Jennifer
~Newcastle Boxers, Reg'd~