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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/17/2007
Does anyone know who has all black boxers

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9/19/07 There is no such thing as an all-black Boxer; the breed does not have that coat color gene. Jennifer
~Newcastle Boxers, Reg'd~
9/27/07 you should call AKC and look up CH. Interlude's Never A Doubt, CH. Sundarby's Fleetwood Mac, Interlude's Myde Nice, Interlude's Free Spirit and Jubar's of Sandy Hill's Ebony and view images,they are as close to black as you will get. George
10/5/07 There are many breeders who have very dark brindles (called "reverse brindles") - we have several in my area. They are not "all black", though, as requested in the OP, and of course their breeders are the first to point this out. Jennifer
~Newcastle Boxers, Reg'd~
11/17/07 This is correct, boxers do not carry black gene. what people are seeing now is alot of breeding of 2 reverse brindles to make very dark puppies and unforuanatly in some cases maybe even another breed to get that black coat. they are beautiful though. tammy
Bluerose Boxers
11/30/07 There are some breeders in the America that do breed black boxers, look like Doge argentino though and most ended up with massive bone related problems. ( hip replacements at age 2) AKC accepted the coat color a wile ago. Color is lead back to a schnauzer. kimmy
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