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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/23/2007
I have two bitches from the same litter, and I intend breeding one of them. I was just wondering if anyone might know how the other bitch would react to the litter and how the prospective mother might treat the other bitch should she approach the pups?

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9/4/07 It depends a great deal on the personalities of the bitches in question. I've known bitches to kill other bitches (littermates, mother-daughter, or unrelated), and I've known bitches to allow other bitches to practically raise their puppies for them. You want to give the bitch you breed a quiet space where other dogs can't get to her for a least the first week or so after she whelps - let her decide when she's ready to have other dogs see her puppies. (This is best if it's a guest room or similar, since you'll need to be in constant attendance for the first week or so after birth; having a bed to sleep on makes things much easier!) Other breeding considerations and further resources can be found here: Jennifer
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