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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/17/2007
How should I feel about purchasing a puppy through inline breeding (produced from a father/daughter)?

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7/20/07 I would not buy a puppy that they used the father to daughter, some inline a bit farther down the line is ok. But you are asking for health problems that close together. I would really ask why they would do that. Amy
BC kennels
7/23/07 Father/daughter is closer than most like to do. I wouldn't rule it out entirely, from a responsible breeder that's been doing it for a long time and knows the lines very well, but I would certainly ask lots of questions about the pedigree. Jennifer
~Newcastle Boxers, Reg'd~
7/25/07 Normally I would not do it with the genetic back ground of most lines its a very high risk you would double the factors. Only with a genetic experienced breeder and a genetic defect free line I would agree on it. I have done it with a line known for a genetic defect free back ground to produce a genetic healthy and stable candidate to reproduce health and correct faults. You need to be very careful doing this and consider all aspects of a breeding like this. Only one single fault in the line and you can double up and stabilize it and reproduce it in the future breedings of this dog. As soon as you double up on a factor you also stabilize this factor in your line for good and it will constantly repeat itself with genetic doubled lines. It has been constantly done on most famous champion lines known to produce major health problems. That's why it should be very carefully done. kimmy
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