Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/17/2007
Where are dew claws located? On the front foot or the back? I was told the front, but my parents just had pups and one has 2 extra claws on the back feet and one has one extra claw.

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3/18/07 In the Boxer, dew claws are on the front legs. It would not be impossible for there to be dewclaws on the rear legs in a Boxer, but it is not common. (Some other breeds do have rear dewclaws. Double dewclaws on the rear in a Boxer would be even less common, and might bring the purebred status into question.) Jennifer
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5/26/07 My current litter of Boxers they all had front dew claws and only one had hind dew claws. I have mine removed when I have their tails docked at about 3 to 5 days old. This way they do not get the dew claws ripped by getting them caught on carpet when they get older. good luck Kim
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