Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/25/2004
My daughter has a one year old boxer who has been an indoor pet. His growth, along with his high energy level, has made us have to think about putting him outside. We have a lot for him but my daughter is afraid he will not adjust and/or will not have enough room to be happy; therefore, she wants to keep him on a runner. I'm concerned about someone taking him if he's on a runner. Also, does anyone know how easily a boxer adjusts when being moved from indoors to outdoors. Thank you.

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10/28/04 Boxers do not generally do well as outside dogs. If your yard is not fenced, you can purchase a long line for use when you're outside playing with the dog, which should allow him to get exercise without putting him in harm's way. I am not a fan of dog parks, but for some dogs they work quite well and would allow him to get some good running in while avoiding forced exercise; once he is older (2 years or so) you can start him on longer leash walks or runs, building up gradually of course so as not to damage his bones and joints. Jennifer
Newcastle Boxers
11/26/04 Most boxers adjust just fine going from inside to outside. I have a 1 yr old boxer that was inside I put him outside this summer and he did not want to come back in so now he is an outside dog and adjusting great. The runner is a great idea for daytime exercise however I would recommend having him kenneled during the night. Mainly to protect him from other dogs or critters that may come into the yard. Hope this helps. Good luck and Happy Holidays Camille
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