Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/20/2006
hi we have a white male and a white female ,she has ben breed by our white male, what is the % of us having any white pups ,i really like the whites better, sorry. thats only cause we have them ,i know the other are just as pertty. can you help

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10/21/06 The % of them being white is 100% and the chance of them being deaf is VERY VERY HIGH!! The American Boxer Club states that white boxers should not be bred. Amy
Liberty Boxers
1/8/07 White, check and mismarked (parti-coloured) boxers Although not acceptable for the show ring (and these dogs must never be used for breeding), white or check boxers make excellent pets, obedience and agility dogs. The colour of a boxer’s coat makes no difference to its personality and the boxer's natural ability as a wonderful friend and companion. Around the world between 10-25% of boxers are white, occurring most frequently where it is common to breed dogs with a high proportion of white markings (flashy) together. There are a lot of myths about white boxers being susceptable to health troubles. There is, however, no evidence to indicate that white boxers are more prone to health problems than their coloured counterparts, with the following exceptions: white boxers are prone to sunburn (which, as for people, can lead to skin and other cancers), so need to be protected against the sun. Their lack of pigmentation also makes them susceptible to deafness, which can occur in one or George