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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/14/2006
I think my Boxer pup my have this disease. He has the symptoms. I will need more testing and I am going to go. I need more info the symptoms and diagnosing it? Can you help. I am so upset-he is like one of our children and I don't know what to do? He is not himself, He looks so troubled, He acts like he doesn't like us and he is scared. I am worried and my vet is not! Of course it is Sat. afternoon. Thanks-Rosanna

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10/20/06 Sorry your Boxer has this . It is inherited. I don't know how bad your pup is as far as the degenerative hind is. I know it usually develops before 6 mo. If neither sire nor dam showed any signs of this then they are carriers. There are 2 genes involved. One comes from the sire one from the dam.About 25% of pups born from a breeding that sire/dam shows no sign of will develop this. I don't know what your guarentee was on this pup but it is definatly inheritated. Talk to your vet to see what can be done to provide treatment and care. Hope this helps. I would not go back to this breeder to get anymore pups. Good luck. Sandi Dunn or
Dunnford Boxers