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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/28/2006
I have a female Boxer puppy and her markings on her face are straight down the middle... somebody told me about some Lariet Seur boxers which are very rare supposedly.. when looking around at other boxer puppies I don't see any with the markings so perfect.. is there any such thing besides being flashy fawn?

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7/31/06 I've never heard of a "Lariet Seur" Boxer, and a web search pulls up zero hits. I suspect that is a marketing gimmick. White markings on the face which run straight down the middle (I'm assuming by that you mean between the eyes) are not unusual at all, and can be found in both fawn and brindle Boxers. (In fact, I have both.) White between the eyes which extends evenly on both sides of the muzzle is called a "wishbone" marking. Markings will shrink as the puppy grows older, as well, so the ones between the eyes that look very wide on young puppies will be about a finger's width on an adult, while the ones that are narrow on young puppies often disappear. Jennifer
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