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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/7/2006
My puppy is almost 3mnths old, and i am starting to have a hard time with his potty training, he will go inside his cage, but when i do take him outside, he does not go then. What should I do?? Please help!! Thank You.

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3/8/06 Keep training - 3 months is very young still. Here's a good article on housetraining: You also, of course, want to prevent him going in his crate as much as possible. If you're having to leave him for extended periods, is it possible to have someone come and let him out while you're gone? A puppy can only hold it when crated for one hour longer than their age in months - your boy would need a break every 4 hours at this point. (Of course, there are exceptions to that rule!) Jennifer
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