Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/2/2006
I have a purebred Boxer whose 1 1/2 yrs old. He has a small mass underneath his chin which tends to bleed at times. He appears to be healthy and we feed him Iams large breed food. We had him to the vet last fall and they told us it was allergies. We had him on medication for awhile however, it never went away. It did get better though. Any suggestions? Is it the food? Dan

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3/8/06 I'd look at a higher-quality food, but really if that were the problem you'd expect more than just one bump under the chin. If you're not feeding from stainless steel bowls, switching to those might help. Also, keeping the chin area clean and dry will help stop bacteria from getting 'trapped' in the folds of skin; wipe it after meals with a warm washcloth, perhaps with some peroxide on it, and then dry thoroughly. Of course, have the vet keep tabs on it as it could be not related to food or skin infection at all. Jennifer
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