Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/28/2006
Hopefully, someone on here can help me. I recently aquired a female brindle boxer from the pound and have considered at some point adopting another male boxer also. I have been doing some online searching just to see what all is available currently and I have noticed that many of the white boxers seem to be deaf. I have also run across ads that have even posted them as "hearing" white boxers as if to say this is a common trait among this particular color of the breed. I am not saying I would be completely oppossed to adopting an animal with a difficulty such as this, but I wanted to see if, in fact, this actually was a common trait and why?? Also, if anyone knows if there are special obdience trainers out there for dogs who are deaf, any info would be great. I am not sure how I personally could go about training a deaf dog myself. Any info would be wonderful!! Thanks! Amanda

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1/28/06 As to deafness, the genetic basis of white in Boxers is the same as in Dalmatians, albeit without the ticking factor to give the spots. In the UK the incidence of deafness in Dalmatians is about 5% bilaterally deaf and 13% unilaterally deaf, total affected 18%. In the States according to Strain the figures are somewhat higher, 8% bilateral and 22% unilateral, total affected 30%. I do not know of any good figures for Boxers but it would be reasonable to believe that the incidence is similar. Only the bilaterally deaf Boxers would be recognized of course; under 10%. The cause of the deafness associated with the white colour is the absence of pigment cells in the inner ear resulting in a loss of sensory hair cells at about 6 - 8 weeks of age. The shortage/absence of pigment cells is also the cause of the white coat and unpigmented third eyelids (haw). Generally speaking, the more pigment in the coat the lower will be the risk of deafness, but all predominantly white dogs are at risk of Tiffani
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4/1/06 This is the only true study ever done on white Boxers. Long. Kim Study Of the Biology-Intensified Course of the Timetable"12 The Breeding of the German Boxer under consideration of the color white Elsa von der Burg Medinghoven 215701 Presented by Sabine Bauer April 2001 Contents I. Introduction II. Main page 1. The white Boxer in the change of the Time 1.1. Ancestors of the Boxer 1.2. Story of the white Boxer 1.3. Today's situation of the white Boxer 2. Color genetic 2.1. Inherit of the color white 2.2. Biochemical inherit of the color white 3. Conclusion between the color white and color white relate health Problems 3.1. Conclusions 3.2. Deafness and Blindness III. The End IV. Informative books and distributors I. Introduction In the Boxer breed section the number of breed able candidates is Dissenting lower and lower since these are selected trough excluding possible health problems. A German Boxer which is supp kimmy
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