Boxer Questions

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Boxer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/22/2005
I have a male boxer 10 wks old and is about 10 lbs. He looks really skinny to us I can see all his ribs and his hip bones. The vet says he's just a little under weight, probably from the large litter, but we worry. His dad was a a short muscular boxer, and his mom was tall and SUPER thin (maybe from feeding all those babes) I wonder if he's going to be full size like mom, or super short like dad, but he WAY thinner than the puppy pics I see on the internet. He kind of looks thin and lanky like a baby colt.

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11/22/05 There is a couple of things i can think of. First did the vet do a stool sample test. Second it could be the stress of a new home and he needs to be prompted to eat more. Do you free feed or schedule feed in this situation you should be free feeding letting the pup eat whenever he wants. The type of food he is on is also important. There is no guaranteed way of telling what the pup will grow into being as far as size etc. just by seeing the parents,and they both sound very different. There are boxers that are thinner but it does sound like yours is too thin .Really try a great dog food like Bil-Jac sometimes adding canfood to the dry gets them to eat more but bil-Jac he will eat. Letting him eat whenever he wants and dont keep him so busy he doesnt eat. Hold food in your hand and let him know that he needs to take time out to eat and not play 24-7.You dont have to mix the food if you change to bil-jac. They will not suffer digestive problems by switching to bil-jac.To answer another Tammy
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