Bulldog Questions

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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/22/2005
I have always wanted a english bulldog but I am just now getting serious about getting one. I have began looking and now I am getting into all the health risk that comes with them it has begun to kinda of scare me away a little bit. Should I be this worried and how do I know that I am getting a healthy bulldog. What are some questions I can ask the breeder when speaking with them about one of there puppies?

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3/26/05 I have had 5 Bulldogs in My lifetime. If you by them from a good breeder, you should not have any more health problems than with any other dog. Make sure you have a vet that knows about how to treat them. It is important that your Vet is familiar with the Breed. Do not buy a cheap one. It cost me $1000 just to breed my dog and Litters are small. Beware of anyone that sells pups for less than a grand. You do not want those problems. Ask to see parents. Make sure they do not have cork screw tails that could become a problem. I have both parents on-Site. My Bullies do not have any problems. Neither do my puppies. People will pay to get one because of the quality I produce. Generally, there is a direct relationship between price of the bulldog, and the quality. Beware of the imposters! There is a science a breeding. Education of the breeder is as important as a teacher is to the classroom. Dale
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