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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/23/2008

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3/26/08 I don't know if cherry eye is actually painful, althoug it looks like it would be at least very uncomfortable. The best solution is to have the swollen gland surgically removed. This is inexpensive and takes care of the problem. Eric & Amy
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10/14/08 Cherry eye is not painful, it looks pretty bad but dose not hurt them some times if is to big it can bothers them. I'll recommend you to ask your Veterinarian to give you a triple antibiotic with hydrocortisone after his professional evaluation of the eye since hydrocortisone is contraindicated in some cases. The cortisone helps to reduce the inflammation and antibiotics prevent any secondary infection to the exposed area some times this is enough to cure the cherry eye. The majority of cases surgery is needed is also important to consider that in must cases a dog with one cherry eye would developed cherry eye in the other eye so it will be another reason to wait a few days before scheduling a surgery and possibly have the surgery done in both eyes at the same time to avoid putting the dog under anesthesia more tan once. John
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