Bulldog Questions

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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/28/2007
How do I keep my one year old, non-neutered, male english bulldog to stop chewing on everything? How do I get him to listen to me?

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6/29/07 To start with, you may want to enroll him in some obedience classes. This will teach him to listen to you better and teach you how to make him listen to you. Second, spray everything he is chewing with Apple cider vinegar. Dogs tend not to like the tast of it, and will stop chewing. Third, make sure you invest in chew toys so he chews his own things and not yours. Go to walmart, and get the largest "hickory smoked mammoth" bone they have. It's about 12 inches long, and will keep him entertained for weeks at a time! Tara
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