Bulldog Questions

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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/2/2006
I have a 10mth old female cavalier king charles spaniel and i would dearly love a male bulldog too. i would not even consider breeding the two but i want both breeds as pets, do you think they would get on ok living together?

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1/3/06 I think it is a wonderful ideal.they will become buddy's you may have to have one of them fixed or both .. make your life easier when she comes in to heat ..Good luck .. jen Jennifer
Jen's Little Gem Kid's of PA
2/2/06 Bulldogs are rather tolerant of other breeds. I don't see a problem with the 2 breeds getting along. However, you will need to spay/neuter the dogs to save yourself misery and a possible accidental breeding. Since these dogs are/will be your pets, it would be best to spay and neuter both of them. They live a longer, healthier life! SJ Stacey
Horney's Bulldogs