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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/11/2005
I am getting ready to move overseas for my job and unfortunately can not take my bullie w/me. Fortunately I have a friend that I know will give him a good home who is going to take him. I tried to give my boy to him but he is adamant about paying the appropiate value for him. So here are the details, 3 y/o w/AKC papers. Originally paid $2000 for him 60 lbs and neutered. Anything so I can show him how much market value is would be appreciated.

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2/2/06 For a 3 year old neutered dog, your friend could expect to pay around $500-$700, depending on the area in which you live. If he is your friend and you want him to take the dog, you could suggest he give you a nominal fee, such as an adoption fee of $50.00 instead of a full price. When getting a dog from rescue, you normally pay the costs associated with caring for the dog...ie: the cost for spaying/neutering, vaccines, any surgeries required and medications. Hope that helps. Stacey
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