Bulldog Questions

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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/30/2005
We have just bred our bulldogs, the pups were 2weeks on the 27th, they do not seem to be able to get their bodies up at all, will we loose our pups (3) because we neglected to do something for them?

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10/30/05 Sometimes ours are over 3 weeks before they're standing well. Try getting some eggcrate foam (the lumpy foam mattress pad) and cutting squares of that and covering it with a blanket to use for their bed area. This will give them a lumpy surface to help them get traction when they try to stand. This has helped ours stand much faster. Steve
Feather Oaks Bulldogs
11/5/05 I agree, at times it takes a bit for them to get up on their feet and giving them more of an "uneven" surface to crawl around on will help build those muscles up. Make sure that you use things that allow them good footing. Sonja
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