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Bulldog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/4/2004
Our 17 wk bullie went in for cherryeye surgery. He was under approximately 1 1/2 hrs and he arrested. Vet claims no wrongdoing. Vet wanted to do three procedures on him. Cherryeye, tail amputation, and neuter. We agreed to two, but he didn't make it through one. Do we have any recourse??

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9/5/04 Cherry eye can be removed without anesthesia. 1 1/2 hrs. under anesthesia is out of the question for a Bulldog, never mind a puppy this age. Amputate his tail!!! Unfortunately, I doubt there is much you can do. When I submit a dog for surgery, I have to sign a "hold harmless" release in case the worse happens. I hope that if you get another puppy, you find a different vet. Marjorie
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6/5/05 HI I agree with the above.....Losing a bullie under anesthesia is horrible...and 1 1/2 hour surgeries are not the nor! Any vet should have taken the time to do one problem at a time....Don't let anyone put you down for amputating a tail, with the lines in today's breedings, there are a ton of pocket AND screw combinations that can be hard to care for! :) Please contact us we will help you find a bulldog vet in your area. ALso, if your pup had health insurance it sometimes has a death benefit, and many vets are willing to discuss a payment towards the purchase of a new pup if you bring your opinion to them. That is why they pay malpractice insurance, too! amy