Beagle Questions

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Beagle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/28/2007
i have taken him to the vets and had his anal gland cleaned but he seems to be doing it again is this comon in a beagle or is it something else

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9/28/07 If he's dragging his body on the lawn and not just scooting on his hind end, its probably not anal glands. Just as an FYI, it is not uncommon for dogs who have just had their anal glands emptied to scoot for another day or two. If your beagle seems to be dipping his head and neck first, followed by his whole body, he's probably rubbing against something with a not-so-pleasant scent (to you)and trying to get that scent on his body. My beagles love doing this, especially in pleasant stuff like deer poop, but also sometimes in spots where I see nothing at all. Barb
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