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Beagle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/20/2007
My beagle is 7 yrs old;recently she was limping;saw vet where of course she did not limp;when vet tried to xray leg she "yelped" at touch of neck so vet xrayed spine;all looked OK;vet prescribed prednisone;has been taking for 3 weeks;at night she "pants" and wants to go out 2-3 times;don't see this during the day.At times she will still "yelp" when touched;other times is OK when being petted. Has anyone experienced anything like this? We're not sure what to do next.

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9/23/07 1) Where is she limping (front, back, left, right)? Is she hunching her back at all? Beagles are susceptible to intervertebral disk disease in the back and to problems with the knee cap tracking properly. They also are prone to hip dysplasia. These three conditions should be considered and/or ruled out depending on where she seems to be limping. FYI, these conditions are likely to become more prominent as a dog ages. Also consider arthritis in the back (I had a pet beagle who developed arthritis at 7 yrs old in her neck)- she may be experiencing early degenerative changes in her neck or back. If your beagle continues to have problems with limping, she'll need to be re-evaluated by the vet and you should bring these topics up. 2) Could you describe the sensitivity to touch? Does it seem to occur concurrent to when she is limping? It could be related to the limping, especially if she's having a back problem, but if this is ruled out, you'll need to search with your vet for o Barb
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