Beagle Questions

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Beagle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/17/2007
have had two female beagles, both have had problems with runny noses and throat congestion, throat clearing spells seem routine, vet's say it's allergies, our male beagle has never had this problem, is this a normal problem with female beagles ?

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9/29/07 Sounds to me like your vet was stretching for an answer. Dogs do not typically have respiratory allergies the way that people do. They usually manifest allergy symptoms via one or more of the following skin, coat, and ear issues - itchiness and redness of the skin, fur loss, pimply bumps on their bellies caused by Staph, infected, itchy smelly ears. I would consider it more likely that your beagle with a runny nose and throat clearing had an upper respiratory tract infection. If your beagle is in general a noisy breather, frequently snorting and snoring, you may ask your vet to examine the back of your dog's throat to see if she may have an elongated soft pallate, which may partially obstruct the airway and which in serious cases may require surgery to remove. Barb
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