Beagle Questions

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Beagle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/9/2006
I have a small female with portosystemic liver shunts and has been on medication since 2 weeks old. She went into heat for 1st time on July 24th(almost 1 yr old dob is 8/14), she just went into heat again 10/5..we were suprised, as we awaiting more lab tests & abdominal ultrasound to see if she can withstand surgery. She is very active, and listens quite well but acts minute licking & the next growling..what is the normal beagle estres cycle?

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12/1/07 Normal beagles will go into heat every 6-9 months. Sounds like you already take your dog to the vet regularly, so I would bring this up with him or her. 3 months does seem a little bit early for her to be in heat again, but your vet will need to determine if this is normal for her. Barb
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