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Beagle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/24/2006
How old intill you can let them start mating? Do they have to be over a year old?

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11/25/07 You certainly want the female's body to be mature and over one year old. The male might be able to breed a little earlier, if he is healthy. Lisa
Carter Beagles
12/1/07 I would recommend waiting until both your male and female are 2 years old. While physically they can both breed as early as 6 months, yes, they should be physically mature first, but if you are going to be responsible, you should wait longer. Two years old is reasonable because by this age, many potentially negative hereditary traits (such as health or behavioral problems) will be detectable. If your dogs are free of serious defects, then you can be reasonable certain at 2 years old that you are not perpetuating problems that are present in the breed. Barb
Ohmer's Westside Beagles