Beagle Questions

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Beagle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/3/2006
My husband is interested in hunting beagles and we wanted to know what questions to ask when we go to look at beagles and what to look for? I know the basics of how to make sure a dog is healthy, but what else should I look for.

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5/3/06 Evaluating a Pet Dog Breeder Author: Kate Connick ©2001 So you want to add a new dog to your family. You've decided that you want a puppy, and you have a particular breed in mind. Everyone you know has told you horror stories about pet stores, so you cross them off your list. You need to select a breeder, but you donít know how to narrow your search. You donít need a fancy show dog or a high-performance hunting dog. You just want a pet. You want a companion who will fit into your lifestyle without being emotionally and financially burdensome. In simplest terms, you want a physically and mentally sound animal - a healthy, happy dog with which to share your life. Consider that this is a decision that will be with you for the next dozen or more years. Choose wisely. Not all breeders are created equal, and neither are the puppies they produce. Keep in mind that, by definition, anyone who owns a female dog at the time it gives birth is a "breeder." It is not always easy to tell the dif Diane