Bedlington Terrier Questions

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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/27/2005
hello, over the past month, my white Bedlington Terrier, Nestor has developed a small patch of black coarse hair on his lower back. A new patch seems to be developing nearby. It begins as a tiny cluster of dark hairs and just seems to spread into a black patch within a week or so -- very quickly. I brought him to the vet who checked for infection or fungus and found none. He said the hair likely will stay that color and not turn back to white. He theorized that perhaps Nestor had a hot spot and gnawed the area so much that he chewed off his normal hair growth, but I'm not so sure. The area was never bald as if hair had been chewed off. It just seemed to start growing in black. I'm worried because a new patch is developing. I have a dermatogoly appointment next week for my dog, but if you have ever heard of this or have any idea what could be causing it and what I can do to stop it, I would really appreciate it and so would Nestor. Help, please!

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