English Cocker Spaniel Questions

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English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel Questions
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Date Question Replies
3/29/07 Very Thin 0
4/4/06 breed 0
2/15/06 Cryptorchidism and cancer risk 0
2/24/05 cocker spaniel 0
1/12/05 To old to breed? 0
11/9/04 how old is a dog when it has it's first injection 0
11/9/04 how big does a cocker spaniel grow 0
8/18/04 ear infections and cocker spaniels 0
7/10/04 arthritis in cocker spaniels 0
3/16/08 how many cockers in a litter 1
11/2/05 lip infection 1
3/2/05 mating 1